Cooking with Wine: Pressure Cooking

We all love to cook with wine. It will open up a dish and add richness to any piece of meat or sauce. Of course there is going to be the wine that you will cook with and then the wine that you will drink while cooking and these are often to very distinct different things. Now that is not to say that you are “too good” for the wine that you are going to cook with. But perhaps you are using a wine with added salt like we may find in large boxes in commercial kitchens, but I don’t suspect you have any of that. But drinking some wine while you cook may just spark some creativity and boldness to your decisions to try something a little out of the ordinary. In fact, that is exactly what I have done recently.

cooking with wine

If you are hip to the idea of pressure cooking then you are already aware of its benefits, but if not then I won’t go too deep into detail about it here and just suggest you check out an excellent site that I found all about Pressure Cooker cooking. You will find plenty of excellent advice on the subject there. To start, I was loading up my pressure cooker while enjoying a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc when I looked at the beautiful white tilapia that I was seasoning and thought to myself “Hey, why don’t I dry adding a little bit of this wine to the liquid in my pressure cooker?” That is exactly what I did and was completely amazed with how my tilapia turned out. I suspected that the alcohol in such a compressed environment would damage the fragile piece of fish but it turned out remarkably well.

Cooking with Wine and Fissler

The question here may perhaps lay in the kind of pressure cooker that I used. I went to this site to read the reviews of the Fissler Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers that they we featuring. I purchased the 6.3 quart which I am extremely happy about. There is definitely a reason why they call the Fissler models the Rolls Royce of pressure cookers. The Fissler pressure cookers are stainless steel stove top models which are very modern though being manual. They are simple to use and I have gotten comfortable with it really fast, something I thought would take me some time.

The debate here is whether or not I would get the same result if I had been using an electric pressure cooker, which will have a programmable setting. Could this be more tough or more delicate on something like fish? To get to the bottom of it I checked out their page for electric pressure cooker reviews where I was able to find insight on to various models that are highly sought after on the market.

Regardless, I am so glad to have find that I can add wine to the liquid in my pressure cooker, I know that I have only slightly cracked open a new realm of experimentation in cooking and flavour pairings. I hope you are inspired to do the same.