Aging Dinner Like Wine? Slow Cooking to Greatness

We often have discussions with friends on creating delicious and simple meals at home which can be paired with their preferred choice of wine. It is difficult for such food enthusiasts as ourselves to try to dumb down one of our biggest passions which is pairing. But does it really have to be a “dumbing down”? Have we become such elitists in our attitudes that we would negate any simplistic approach to making a good pair? After all, anyone can be surprised by an accidental match. It happens all the time when you least expect it. One minute you’re reaching for a salty or bitter snack or slider on a plate only to be so pleasantly surprised with how well it washes down with your Viognier or Gewurztraminer.

So yes, clearly there is a balance and the main keywords we can give to aid these people are fresh ingredients, whole ingredients, natural sugars, so on and so forth. But what about when the person lives a fast paced life and would like to swing by the liquor store after work, grab a bottle of their favourite vino and have dinner ready instantly. And a quality dinner at that! I know what you I thinking: “Give me a break, how lazy can you be with such high standards?” And to a degree this may be true. However, take a look at the idea of slow cooking where you can throw your fresh ingredients into the cooker in the morning, set it, and have it ready and waiting for you when you’re home.


Wine Pairing

Letting ingredients essentially marinate and simmer for hours on end can be an excellent way to get the most flavour out of them, loading them up with herbs and spices. This is also a very good idea when coming up with variations to your meals and side dishes. Expand the options on the dinner table to match your ciders and dessert wines without cluttering up your counter space while cooking in the evening. Have those dishes already on the go.

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slow cooker for food and wine pairing

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